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Subsea Inspection Ghana Ltd (SIGL)

Subsea Inspection Ghana Limited (SIGL) is a company that has been providing diving and marine services to West Africa's oil and gas, marine, and shipping industry for over 20 years. The company's senior management team has extensive experience in major offshore and inshore projects worldwide.

SIGL is dedicated to maintaining strict HSE and IMCA regulations in order to prioritize safety and client satisfaction. With a range of resources at its disposal, SIGL is able to offer tailored packages that include turnkey design solutions and proven offshore IMCA compliant procedures, along with high-level HSE and QA/QC control measures.

Our Services

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Diving & Marine Contracting

providing divers and marine professionals to perform a variety of tasks and services related to underwater and marine operations.


a range of consulting services related to its core business of diving and marine services, such as technical support, and regulatory compliance

Project Management

overseeing the various aspects of a project, including scope definition, resource allocation, risk management, and stakeholder communication.

Offshore Drilling Support

transportation and installation of drilling rigs and related equipment, the provision of accommodation and support facilities for drilling personnel. etc

Engineering, Fabrication & Welding

design and build specialized structures and equipment for offshore oil and gas operations, or to repair and maintain existing structures and equipment.

Non Destructive Testing

techniques such as ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, and radiographic testing to inspect offshore oil and gas structures and equipment for signs of wear or damage,

Additional Services

We Also Offer

has the necessary resources to provide an established tailored package, including turnkey design solutions for all applications,

Why Choose Us

expert offshore and inshore construction, inspection, salvage, support, and maintenance services

Quality Material

equipment is regularly inspected and well-maintained to ensure that it is in top working order


worked with classification societies such as ABS, DNV, BV, and Lloyds of London,

Trained Workers

Diving Supervisors and HSE qualified Divers available (trained in the UK) in the event of project requirements

Time Availability

we are available to work around the clock to ensure that your project is completed on schedule


Our team is highly trained and experienced,


Our divers are trained and certified to the highest standards.

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We welcome you to visit us at [address] during regular business hours."

Obuorwe Yard,
Fishing Harbour,

Phone: +233 (0) 24 461 8416
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